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New Mystic C4400 Catamaran Aces Owners’ First Test Session

For Chad and Heather Collier of the Nashville, Tenn., area, patience definitely has proven to be a virtue as they tested their new Mystic Powerboats C4400 catamaran today on the choppy and wind-whipped waters of Lake George near Mystic’s headquarters in DeLand, Fla. A little more than a year in the making, the unique low-profile 44-footer is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines and boasts intricate paintwork from Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky.

The Colliers, who previously owned a 50-foot Mystic catamaran with Mercury Racing 1350 power, took their first ride in the boat this morning and ran it up to 140 mph.

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Looking good in its first session, the latest Mystic C4400 should be delivered to its owners in the next two to there weeks.

“I loved it,” said Chad Collier. “It’s a Mystic, that’s all I can say about it. The acceleration is unbelievable. It tracks really well and there’s no hop at any rpm range. That’s what I mean when I say it’s a Mystic, that’s all I can say. It’s smaller than my 50 was, but it doesn’t feel that way.”

The deck of the Colliers’ new Mystic cat is approximately five inches lower than that of a standard C4400, which by all accounts—including those from Scott Sjogren of Mystic Powerboat Sales—from today’s test session makes it more C5000-like in appearance. The 44-footer also boasts the latest iterations of Mystic’s interior and windshield.

Headed back to Mystic for a few finishing touches including sunpad and custom cockpit carpet installation, the boat should be delivered to the owners in two to three weeks. And it’s sure to be a centerpiece of the upcoming Tennessee Powerboat Club’s Old Hickory Fun Run (July 27-30), which is organized by Chad Collier.

For a closer look at the Colliers’ Mystic C4400, check out the slideshow above.

“The boat looks absolutely beautiful going across the water—it’s stunning,” said Sjogren, who will head to Tennessee to run the cat with the Colliers when it is delivered. “Chad and Heather are great people and great friends. They were very patient with us during the build. We made quite a few changes as we went along compared to other 44s. The new windshield works great, and the interior is just sick.

“Chris Helt was with us today, too, and he’s taking delivery of a Mystic M4200 center console tomorrow,” he added. “It’s great to be able to introduce members of the Mystic family tomorrow.”

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