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New Mystic C4000 Catamaran Slated For Summer Debut

Reached by phone this morning, Mystic Powerboats founder and designer John Cosker is happily focused on what will be the final version of his company’s smallest high-performance catamaran. But for that to happen, the DeLand, Fla., company’s C3800 cat is growing by two feet to become the C4000. And the 38-footer is going away.

Though Mystic dubbed this catamaran a C3800, it is actually the first iteration of a C4000 . Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix/speedonthewater.com.

“It’s really nice to be crawling around in a mold again,” Cosker said, then chuckled. “I’ve been laying out the structure of our new 40, where the fuel tanks will go and so on.

“The original C3800 was created by damming off a C4400 hull mold,” he explained. “Now what we’re doing is cutting off the transom of a C4400 mold and adding a new transom. We plan on debuting it this summer.”

A few weeks ago, Cosker closed his facility. Though it could have remained open under COVID-19 pandemic mandates in the area, he closed Mystic to give his employees a break from their collective anxiety and create a plan to adhere to Centers for Disease Control novel coronavirus mitigation guidelines. Last week, Mystic brought back 12 employees.

This week, the company is up to 25 employees, which is approximately half of Mystic’s staff prior to the outbreak of the virus.

“Everyone was so nervous,” said Cosker. “They were either talking to each other about the coronavirus or talking to their families on the phone about the coronavirus. Now, we’re back to half capacity and working on projects we need to get done.”

In addition to finishing up the final iteration of the 40-foot catamaran, which will be offered in an all-carbon-fiber version (the first has already been ordered) the Mystic team is completing boats that need to be delivered. At present, there are five Mystic center consoles in the company’s rigging shop. Each boat is being handled by a single rigger that, by the nature of the work involved, is socially distanced from the rigger down the line.

Last week, according to Cosker, the Mystic actually sold two new center consoles and one pre-owned catamaran.

“This doesn’t feel like the recession of 2008, when everything just shut down,” he said. “I feel more like the lights have dimmed a bit. We still have a lot of really good interest out there. I’m optimistic. I saw an ad last week for another powerboat builder and it said, ‘Relax. That’s what you bought it for.’ That’s a really good message.”

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