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New Model Update: Mystic M3800 Center Console

mystic3800feb 08

With deck and top tooling underway, the first completed Mystic M3800 hull should begin sea trials next month. 

Despite that they have four M4200 luxury center consoles in construction and are moving three of their more recently finished (and sold) 42-footers into the Miami International Boat Show on Wednesday—the show opens Thursday morning—the folks at Mystic Powerboats are continuing to make progress on their new M3800 center console. According to Scott Sjogren of Mystic Powerboat Sales, the first hull will be completed in the next two weeks. From there, John Cosker, the founder and owner of the DeLand, Fla., luxury center console and high-performance catamaran company, will start testing the first 38-foot hull with outboard engines.

“We’re really excited about that,” said Sjogren. “Deck and hardtop tooling will be done by the end of the month, and then we’ll start building the first deck and hardtop for the M3800. We’ll start delivering them this summer.”

For a closer look at the current state of Mystic’s 38-footer check out the slideshow above.

Sjogren, who heads to Miami on Wednesday, said he’s looking forward to providing demo rides in any of three Mystic M4200s at the Miami show this week for qualified buyers. He added that the dockside Mystic display has been upgraded with furniture, carpet and flags this year.

“It’s going to be much more comfortable for our customers, a lot more like an ‘indoor’ exhibit but with boats we can take them out in,” he said.

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