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New Model Project Update: Progress On the Phoenix 32

Since proving his new bottom design at the Superboat International Offshore World Championships last November in Key West, Fla., Smart Marine president Chris Schoenbohm has been working on finishing the plug for his new Phoenix 32 catamaran. He has a patent pending on the boat’s Variable Speed 11/10 Running Surface. The running plug is being finished so his Orlando, Fla.-based company, Smart Marine Boats (he also has Smart Marine Service) can make molds so he can start building the new model.

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Smart Marine tested its Variable Speed 11/10 Running Surface on the offshore racecourse on the team’s 32-foot Doug Wright catamaran. Photo courtesy/copyright Eric Colby/Speedonthewater.com.

Understandable considering the plagiaristic nature of the marine industry, Schoenbohm wouldn’t give too many specific details about bottom design other than to say it transitions angles from one surface to another and that it has a convex running surface. One of the most impressive elements of the boat is that it will accelerate as quickly when fully loaded such as at the start of a race and then as it burns off fuel, it gets that much quicker.

While the boat he and throttlemen Shaun Torrente raced in Key West was entered as a 32-foot Doug Wright, it had the new Smart Marine bottom and the team won on Friday and Sunday. “It was tried and tested at the worlds,” he said.

That boat is now for sale with a pair of 280-hp Mercury Racing 2.5-liter engines. Schoenbohm is selling it as a turnkey package for $165,000 and he will provide input and even make himself available to throttle or drive.

Schoenbohm described another strong feature of the boat, saying, “The unique thing about this running surface is it doesn’t matter if you turn drives in or out, it still leans into the turn.” Especially in the trim sensitive Super Stock class, having the ability to set up the boat to have more stern or bow lift is a big advantage.

Schoenbohm said he plans to build the Phoenix 32 in multiple versions including an enclosed cockpit with two seats for racing, the 32XR, pleasure versions that can be open or closed with seating for up to four more passengers under the name 32XPR and even a center console called the 32XCC. He already has two orders for pleasure boats.

“Our goal is to set the benchmark for a Stock Outboard catamaran or a poker run catamaran,” he said.

Editor’s note: Speedonthewater.com contributing editor Eric Colby will continue to follow and update this story as it develops.

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