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New M37R Brings Loyal Client Into DCB’s Modern Era

Back in the day, which loosely translates to a long time ago, the F-32 was the flagship of the DCB Performance Boats catamaran line. To own one meant more than having the second largest—and arguably best-performing—model in the El Cajon, Calif., company’s F-series center-pod creations. The 32-footer had significant cachet in the Colorado River go-fast boating scene.

Kenny Brymer took delivery of this new vibrant green DCB M37R Widebody yesterday in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

A commercial real estate business owner in Northridge, Calif., Kenny Brymer owned an F-32 cat, which he bought used, for 11 years. The cat had 625-hp Ilmor Marine engines that he eventually replaced with 700SCi engines from Mercury Racing. Brymer loved the boat and put it to great use on Lake Havasu in Arizona, where he owns a second home.

But the current crop of outboard-powered sport catamarans eventually caught his attention.

“I thought about buying from other builders, but I am a West Coast guy,” Brymer said. “I wanted to stick with my people, and I already knew DCB builds an amazing boat.”

Brymer opted for an M37R Widebody catamaran equipped with a pair of Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines. He took delivery of the six-seat, carbon-fiber 37-footer yesterday in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and ran the boat with DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston for three hours.

Brymer, who does most of his boating on Lake Havasu, put his first three hours on the cat yesterday.

They ran mostly at the lower end of the lake and took the full-tunnel cat to an easy 125 mph. For Brymer, the entire experience was a sensory revelation.

“I loved it,” he said. “It’s so smooth and calming, very different than when I’d fire up the motors in the F-32. You can hear everything with these outboards. It’s so—calm.

“It wasn’t weird switching from a center-pod cat to a full-tunnel cat,” he continued. “It’s a really fun boat to drive, and it packs air way faster than my F-32 did.”

The 37-footer is the owner’s first full-tunnel catamaran.

Having purchased the F-32 pre-owned, Brymer’s M37R was his first new build from DCB and, as such, his first time experiencing the build process. Like most of his fellow DCB owners, he was more-than-a-little impressed.

“The process was amazing,” he said. “There wasn’t a day in the week I wasn’t getting pictures of the build sent to me. I got to pick everything, right down to the stitching in the upholstery.

“I told Jeff and Tony last night at dinner that I was kind of sad it was over,” he added, then laughed. “Because it was fun.”

Of the many features Brymer ordered for the build, his favorite is a “waterfall” DCB created that flows down the molded steps of the cat’s transom. He also ordered blacklights for the boat’s interior lighting, as well as LED underwear lighting.

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The M37R catamaran was the owner’s first build with DCB.

“I think that’s a first—I don’t know if anyone has done blacklights in a DCB before,” he said. “I had them put in blacklights because the boat is green and at night it just goes boom.

“And the waterfall is just so cool,” he added.

The Desert Storm Poker Run, subsequent Super Cat Fest West event at Lake Havasu and Super Cat Fest at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri are in the owner’s plans this season. Between now and then, Lake Havasu locals can expect to see the vibrant cat ripping across the waterway on weekends.

“That’s where I do of most of my boating,” Brymer said. “I’m a West Coast guy.”

Said Brymer, “It’s a really fun boat to drive.”

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