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New Key West Fun Run On Tap For Keys Island Runners

Buoyed by its record-setting, 150-plus-boat Islamorada Sandbar Fun Run and Raft-Up in February, the Key West, Fla.-based Keys Island Runners group has a new event coming next month. The inaugural Keys Island Runners Fun Run from the Marriott Beachside Hotel to Woman Key is set for April 23-24.

For its inaugural April event, the Keys Island Runners group will stay close to its Key West, Fla., home base. Photo from the 2020 Keys Island Runners Frankie Gutierrez Memorial Fun Run courtesy/copyright Che and Co.

The event will include a poker-run format, with three cards distributed at its Woman Key destination and two more dealt back at the Marriott host hotel when participants return to the run’s host venue. Proceeds will benefit Good Days, a non-profit advocacy organization that “provides resources for life-saving and life-extending treatments to people in need of access to care.”

“For those of you who don’t know, my brother (Frankie Gutierrez) passed away from cancer in 2018,” wrote Daniel Garcia, the founder of Keys Island Runners, on the group’s Instagram account. “The Good Days charity is the only the charity that financially helped him during his battle. With that being said, I want to give back.”

Registration, which includes a poker hand for the captain, is $100 per boat. Passengers can purchase their owns card hands for $25 per hand. Would-be participants can register through the Keys Island Runners website.

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