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New from Wayne’s World: Propeller-Inspired Conversation Pieces

Between seeing his company’s creations at the boat shows and poker runs around the country as well as testing several of them back in the Powerboat magazine days, it’s always been clear to me that Wayne Schaldenbrand is one a creative guy. His latest creation—although not specifically related to Sunsation Powerboats—is an idea that’s been in the works for about a year and is sure to attract a lot of attention at next week’s Miami International Boat Show. What is it? I’ll let him explain.

prop display

Wayne Schaldenbrand of Sunsation Boats is taking orders for these custom conversation-starting propeller displays.

custom propeller displays“I’m not really sure what to call them—I do know they’re bad-ass and I’ve made about 10 of them already as gifts for customers and such,” said Schaldenbrand, when asked to explain the polyurethane-aluminum-blended five-blade propeller cast created for display purposes in “Wayne’s World,” as the Sunsation crew calls his workshop. “I think they’re pretty cool, but that’s why I started making them. I figured some people would get a kick out of them. I’m working on a special edition one for the Miami show.”

Thanks to nothing but positive feedback from people, Schaldenbrand is starting to produce more of the “conversation pieces,” if you will, and offering them up to boaters outside of the Sunsation family. He’s planning to have two or three on display next week at the company’s booth in Miami.

“They’re all polished and really do look exactly like a five-blade prop—in fact, I think people are going to scratch their heads and wonder if it’s a real prop,” Schaldenbrand added.

While the center of the one pictured above features a clock, Schaldenbrand can customize the hub and anything else for that matter. He’s added decals to the edges of some of the propellers calling out specifics such as a boat name, its top speed or engine package, and even special dates or events.

“It really is a conversation piece, that’s a good way to describe it,” said Jared Morris, who is part owner of Sunsation with brothers Wayne and Joe Schaldenbrand and owned the Shake ‘n Bake 36 XRT model that ran 116 mph at the 2012 Lake of the Ozarks Shootout (his Shake ‘n Bake keepsake prop is in the image to the right). “I have mine on display sitting on a cool Sunsation stand in my office, but you can also mount them and hang them on a wall in your house, garage or boathouse.”

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