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New DCB M44 Widebody Catamaran Stealing Owners Regatta Show

Mauricio and Angie Vivanco knew they would love their new open-bow M44 Widebody high-performance catamaran from DCB Performance Boats. The 44-footer is their second DCB creation—their first was an open-bow M31 Widebody cat powered by Mercury Racing 1100 engines and the couple adored it—so they had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the renowned Southern California-based custom builder.

The fourth DCB M44 Widebody catamaran built, Mauricio and Angie Vivanco’s 44-footer cut the Lake Havasu glass this morning. Photo by Tom Leigh copyright Tommy Gun Images.

What they didn’t expect? The massive amount of attention their new cat, which is powered by dual-calibration Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, would get at the docks of the London Bridge Resort, the host venue for this week’s annual DCB Owners Regatta in Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

“I knew it was going to be one of a kind but the attention it’s been getting has been unbelievable,” Mauricio Vivanco said, then laughed. “It hasn’t stopped since we got here yesterday. It’s like having a celebrity with you at the docks.”

DCB’s Tony Chiaramonte and Jeff Johnston delivered the catamaran to the Vivancos yesterday morning, and they ran the boat—with the turbocharged engines in 1,350-hp mode—as a group for about an hour-and-a-half on Lake Havasu.

“They took us through all the ins and outs and we ran it to 130, 135 mph and it was so smooth that it was like nothing,” Mauricio Vivanco said. “Tony pushed it to 146 mph the day before in its shakedown cruise so there is plenty more there.

“The power is just incredible,” he added.

Mauricio Vivanco piloted his new 44-footer for the first time yesterday. Photo by Jeff Johnston copyright DCB Performance Boats

As they were with their 31-footer, the Vivancos are particularly thrilled with the cat’s open-bow layout.

“It’s like a living room—you could literally lie down up there and take a nap,” Angie Vivanco said. “It’s my favorite part of the boat. And I love having the fridge in the mid-cabin. Now we don’t have to fill up a cooler with ice. It’s definitely a plus.”

Her husband immediately chimed in about the space up front.

“You could put 10 people in the open bow and have room for four more,” he added. “You don’t feel crowed at all. People can just hang out up there and chill instead of being packed into the cockpit.”

With the DCB Owners Regatta just getting started, the Vivancos have a beautiful weekend of boating among brand loyalists ahead of them. They’re heading out for a run this afternoon and will get after it again tomorrow.

“We are still shocked by the whole thing,” Mauricio Vivanco said, then laughed again. “Do we really own this? Is this really ours? We can’t believe it.

“This is taking boating to a new level,” he added. “It’s an incredible machine.”

The Vivancos M44 Widebody is sure to be a show-stealer at this weekend’s DCB Owners Regatta. Photo by Tom Leigh copyright Tommy Gun Images.

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