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Name That Raceboat!

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Replacing Kenny Mungle’s 32-footer shown here, the new Gone Again Skater might not be “Gone Again” at all. It’s kind of up to you. Photo courtesy/copyright Jim Winters

Texas’ Kenny Mungle isn’t embraced by his legion high-performance powerboat fans just because he owns Gone Again, the “world’s fastest 32-foot Skater” catamaran that he pilots to remarkable speeds. His fans love him because, frankly, he loves them.

“Our fans inspire us to do what we do,” Mungle said.

And now those fans can help inspire Mungle by helping name the next generation of Gone Again—in the form of a Skater Powerboats 368 catamaran he purchased earlier this year to replace his 32-footer powered by twin 1,500-plus-hp engines from Sterling Performance—by clicking here for his “Name The Boat” online poll.

The poll is open until Nov. 12, and the new name for Mungle’s 36-footer will be announced that evening during the “World’s Fastest 32′ Skater Street Party and Happy Hour” from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. at Rumor Lounge, 430 Greene Street in Key West, Fla., during the Super Boat International Offshore World Championships. Of course, Mungle and his outgoing 32-footer will be there.

“We wanted a little fan interaction and we thought it would be cool to have them involved with the boat,” said Mungle. “I don’t know how many other raceboats have been named by their fans.

“First, they can name the boat,” he continued. “Then maybe we’ll have them submit designs online for the graphics package.”

Editor’s note: For Kenny Mungle/Gone Again fans who’d like to keep the party going, he’ll later attend the Third Annual Speedonthewater.com Party that evening, which runs from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Smokin’ Tuna Saloon, 4 Charles Street. Kenny Mungle “bobbleheads” will be on sale during the event.

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