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Mystic Powerboats Adding V-Bottom

While Mystic Powerboats is known primarily for its race-bred 50-foot catamarans such as Lake of the Ozarks Shootout record holder My Way, Lake Michigan marvel Low Altitude and the Spirit of Qatar team’s Al Adaa’am 96 competing at the Shootout this weekend, the DeLand, Fla., custom boat builder will be getting into the V-bottom game in the near future. Company principal John Cosker confirmed what had been rumored for months, that the company is going to add a new V-bottom to its lineup this year.


Mystic is adding a new V-bottom to its lineup, but the builder has yet to release the final form it will take.

“I’ve put hundreds of hours of engineering and design time into this project and I think it is going to be fantastic,” said Cosker. “The first V-bottom I designed to build ourselves was a 55-foot, 7,500-hp turbine-powered V-bottom for Dave Callan. We also did 62- and 70-foot diesel-powered express cruisers, which ran in excess of 80 mph, but there just aren’t many buyers in the market for a boat like that. What we’re moving forward with now is something that will appeal to a broad segment of the market. With Pier 57 Marine as our choice for distribution, we’re even more confident that our new V-bottom, as well as our upcoming 40-foot catamaran (read the story) will be a success.”

Scott Sjogren of Pier 57, which is based in Gurnee, Ill., said he’s looking forward to having another new-model option from Mystic.

“I met John (Cosker) a while ago, and not only is he a great guy who does what he says he’s going to do, he’s an engineer building boats and not a hobbyist slapping something together,” said Sjogren. “Because John has spent a lot of time over the years helping other manufacturers focus on their V-bottoms, he has not spent a lot of time of focusing on expanding his own brand. The 50 Mystic is a great boat—it’s the best-riding catamaran out there—but there are only so many people in the market for a 50-foot cat. The first three new 40 Mystic cats, and it’s a big model with an 11-foot beam and a 44-foot overall length, are already sold and I have four solid candidates for four more of those. But the line still needs something else, and that means a V-bottom.”

Like Cosker, Sjogren declined to offer specifics on the form of the new Mystic mono-hull will take.

“Sportboat, cruiser or center console—there are a lot of options and a lot of different ways you can go with a V-bottom,” said Sjogren. “John has been looking at all of those options. But at least for now that’s all I want to say.”

Editor’s note: Mystic Powerboats and Pier 57 will release additional details on the new Mystic V-bottom tomorrow.

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