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Mystic M5200 No. 2 Aces Big-Water Sea Trial

East Coast surfers love New Smyrna Beach, Fla., during the winter—the only better time to catch big Atlantic Ocean waves there is hurricane season. Open to swells from all angles and loaded with sandbars that produce perfect right- and left-hand peaks, New Smyrna Beach is a consistent winner for wave-riders who don’t mind a little chill in the air.

Slated for delivery in January, the second Mystic M5200 center console aced its first sea trial yesterday.

The area’s exposure to the open-ocean waters also makes it ideal for rough-water powerboat testing, and John Cosker and Ryan Zivitski of Mystic Powerboats in nearby DeLand, Fla., got an adult portion of that yesterday in the company’s second M5200 luxury performance center console.

“It was actually kind of funny,” Cosker said. “We took it to our local launch ramp and as we idled out, I could see whitewater coming over the breakwater and I was like, ‘OK, it’s going to be rough.’ We had seven- to eight-foot seas—I actually learned later that there was a small-craft advisory for the area—and the boat did everything well, including running 81 mph on the Intracoastal Waterway.

“We cleaned up everything we wanted to from the prototype,” he added.

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Details, details.

Powered by four 600-hp outboard engines from Mercury Marine, the boat is going to an Australian client who splits his time between Cypress and Dubai. The 52-footer will be used as a tender/chase-boat for the owner’s 185-foot yacht. Cosker said he hopes to do a formal delivery and sea trial with the client off New Smyrna Beach in January.

Yesterday’s wind-blown seas were the roughest conditions faced by either M5200 to date, Cosker noted, and the boat handled them beautifully.

“We did a few hours of ‘trailer-boating’ yesterday—with a 52-foot boat,” Cosker said, then laughed. “When we were done, we just put it on the trailer and headed back to the shop.”

Said Cosker, “We did a few hours of ‘trailer-boating’ yesterday—with a 52-foot boat.”

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