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Mystic Completes Hull No. 1 For New 39-Foot Center Console

Earlier today Mystic Powerboats of DeLand, Fla., pulled the first hull for its new 39-foot luxury performance center console from the mold. The new 39 footer uses epoxy resin vacuum infusion, which reportedly is the first epoxy-infused, carbon-fiber-reinforced center console on the market.


The first 39-foot Mystic center console out of the mold (click image to enlarge).

“From the first day I started talking with Scott Sjogren and Greg Weber of Pier 57 this past February at the Miami Boat Show, our goal was to build the ‘Range Rover’ of center consoles with all the features, as well as the fit and finish, of a luxury sport utility vehicle,” said John Cosker, the owner and founder of Mystic. “That was our goal from Day 1. The production of the first hull, which has a 10’8″ beam, is a big step in that direction.”

The hull has a 24-degree deadrise at its transom. Deadrise is variable through the boat’s two steps. Freeboard is 38 inches. Rather than going with bow flare common in traditional center consoles, Cosker designed the hull with positive curvature in key points and reversed chines to knock down spray lower in the water.

“If you throw the water away from the boat lower down, it doesn’t fly up in the air and get blown back into the boat,” he said. “That’s something I learned in designing our 70-footer, as well as through all the work I’ve done for other center console builders. We wanted to build a stronger, lighter, dryer and safer boat with all the amenities a luxury performance center console buyer could want outside of those for fishing. I also added a deeper forefoot in the hull for a softer ride in rough water.

“This boat really is a culmination of everything I’ve learned in the past 20 years,” he added.

Using vacuum infusion to build the 39-footer, Cosker explained, offers several advantages including final product consistency and the ability to take all the time needed to make all materials are placed properly.

“We’ve built two hulls for our new 40-foot catamaran using infusion and the third one is in the mold. The first two hulls came in right on design weight,” said Cosker. “Also, with infusion we’re not ‘rushed’ by the curing process. We can take as much time as we like. We have an amazing structural engineer in Mark Bishop of Waterfront Composite Solutions, who spends a lot of time establishing exactly how the materials are supposed to go in the boat, and with infusion we don’t have to rush to get the materials laid in exactly to his specification. That said, we built this hull in about four weeks—I think we can get that down to three weeks, so we’ll be able to support relatively high production levels for a high-tech boat.”

On hand for the “de-molding” of the first hull today, Sjogren said he was absolutely delighted with the result. “I cannot believe how big this 39 is compared to the competitors.”

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For more detail of Mystic’s new 39-foot center console hull, check out the slideshow above.

“When John and I were introduced at the Miami show, he was looking to go into the center console market,” Sjogren said. “He asked me what I thought, and told him there was an opportunity for a Range Rover like center console. We met a couple of times, and it became a reality very quickly.

“This is a big 39,” he continued. “We made the boat wider so the helm station can be 60 inches wide, versus 48 inches of most of our competitors, that means a lot less wind at the helm. In a lot of the three-person center console helm stations today, the people on the outside have to take a lot of wind because they’re not protected. Not in this one. John also came up with a foldable door system that prevents wind from going down the sides of the cockpit in the boat, so people can ride in the back of the boat without getting blasted by wind.”

The wider console also will accommodate a much wider and more spacious cabin with a lot of headroom, according to Cosker and Sjogren.

Sjogren said that, from the beginning, he and Cosker shared the same vision for the new model and that, combined with Mystic’s current 50-foot catamaran, upcoming 40-foot catamaran, the new center console and another model yet to be announced, he’s looking forward to being able to sell the builder’s entire new-boat line.


“Prior to the acquisition of assets for Pier 57 a couple of years back, we had the opportunity to sell Nor-Tech center consoles which are a great boat,” Sjogren said. “During this acquisition we became a Cigarette dealer. Between those two brands, there were a number of features potential buyers were asking us for that they didn’t offer, and that was keeping them from buying boats. John listened to all the related requests we had gathered and there wasn’t one John couldn’t fill, and now that boat is becoming a reality. Mystic has exceeded our expectations in every way, and we have a number of customers who will be in the 39 shortly.

“With everything that’s happening at Mystic with the new center console, the new 40 and another new boat, moving forward the Pier 57 staff and I will be committing all of our time and resources to Mystic exclusively,” he added.

Hull No. 2 will begin lamination on Monday.

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