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Mystic Closes June With Six New Orders

Right now, John Cosker, the owner and founder of Mystic Powerboats, in DeLand, Fla., and his wife, Robin, are no less than five miles off the coast of the Sunshine State in a Mystic M4200 luxury performance center console. To kick off the July 4—and decompress from what ended up being a great sales month—the Coskers escaped this morning for a day on the water in the company’s quad Mercury Racing 450 outboard engine-powered 42-footer.

To kick off the July 4 holiday weekend and celebrate an excellent June for Mystic, John and Robin Cosker are getting away on the water today in the company’s M4200 demo boat.

“Everyone is navigating through this weird year,” said Cosker via mobile phone this morning as he and wife bobbed on the center console in the Atlantic Ocean glass. “Things are actually really good. In the heat of the COVID-19 thing, we were getting a ton of inquires but not selling anything. We thought, ‘OK, people are armchair shopping.’ But we finished June with six new orders. For Mystic, that’s a big month.

“The sales are split about evenly between our M3800 and M4200,” he continued. “The 38 is becoming a stronger seller than 42. It’s really starting to get traction.”

To that end, the company is building its first quad Mercury Racing 300R outboard-powered M3800. Cosker said the company has “two or three” more quad 300R-powered 38-footers on order.

After heading in for lunch later, the Coskers will cruise to a waterfront home owned by friends. But for now, they’re enjoying the peace and quiet of their Mystic M4200-supported float—and the diminishing loss of a cellular connectivity.

“We’re going to stay out here awhile,” said Cosker moments before the cell signal dropped. “It’s flat calm, the water is crystal clear and it’s about 80 degrees. I think the air and water temperatures are about the same. It’s perfect.”

Said Cosker, “It’s flat calm, the water is crystal clear and it’s about 80 degrees.”

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