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Mystic Center Console Sea Trials Begin

With no deck or sole, 750 gallons of water ballast, 330 gallons of fuel and four people on board, hull No. 1 for the upcoming Mystic Powerboats 3900 luxury performance center console was put through its first paces on the water yesterday evening and this morning. Joining John Cosker, the founder and owner of the DeLand, Fla., custom high-performance boat company was Mystic dealer Scott Sjogren, the owner of Pier 57 Marine in Gurnee, Ill.


The new Mystic Powerboats 3900 completed its first tests yesterday evening and this morning. Photos/video courtesy Pier 57 Marine

Four 300-hp Mercury Marine Verado outboard engines powered the 39-footer, which weighed approximately 17,000 pounds—some 3,000 pounds more than its projected finished weight of approximately 14,000 pounds (hence the inclusion of the water ballast). Cosker, Sjogren and the rest of the crew spent several hours running the new boat, and were delighted with the results.

“It went well, the boat handles beautifully and turns well,” said Cosker. “I think we are going to lift up the outboards a bit—I made a few phone calls to get a good starting point but we’re still learning about outboard setup. We’re going to play with it, but getting on the water was a big step and we didn’t have any setbacks.

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To get a closer look at the Mystic 3900 center console, check out the slideshow above.

“One thing I noticed is how easy it is to deal with compared to a 50-cat with 6,000-hp in turbine engines,” he added, then laughed. “It tows easily—you’re not taking up a lane-and-a-half as you go down the road. You push a button and the Verados start.”

“It’s the nicest running hull I’ve ever been in, and that’s saying something considering it had no deck or floor,” said Sjogren, shortly before he boarded a flight back to Chicago earlier today. “With the infused epoxy and carbon fiber, the hull sides did not even bow or move even without the deck on it. It’s also one of the quietest boats I’ve been in. It tracks and turns awesome, and the bow never lifts coming on plane.”

The test team took the boat to 71 mph this morning with the four engines turning 5,550 rpm. While Sjogren and Cosker expect the stepped hull 39-footer to top 80 mph when it’s finished, the past two days of sea trials were more about set up and establishing center of gravity baseline information. By design, they started their testing with X-dimensions that were too deep and propellers that were too tall. From there, Cosker and his team can back their way into the ideal setup for the boat.

Said Sjogren, “The boat is massive—it’s going to be a beast,” he said. “I was thoroughly impressed with the maiden voyage of the new boat from Mystic, and so happy to have been a part of it.”

“We’re looking forward to getting a deck on it and making it a real boat,” said Cosker. “We’re getting close.”

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