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Mystic Cat and Center Console Update: Pre-Miami Final Look


With the goal of maximizing impact for their finished products when they debut at the upcoming 2015 Miami International Boat Show in February, John Cosker and the crew at Mystic Powerboats have released their final round of pre-show images of their new M3900 luxury performance center console and R4400 pleasure catamaran. According to Cosker and Scott Sjogren of Pier 57 Marine, the global dealer for Mystic based in Gurness, Ill., the DeLand, Fla., boat builder has never been busier and will stay that way until all of the boats for the show—two cats and two center consoles— head for Miami.

“We tested the 44 cat again yesterday, and it ran great,” said Sjogren. “It holds the edge so well when it’s turning. It turns really flat and never rolls up on its sponsons. It’s on plane in two seconds and there’s no hop at any speed. You can run it at 30 mph, 70 mph, 100 mph and there’s no hop at all.

“We would have gone for a bigger top speed number, but our whole test session today was done in the wind and rain,” he added. “We tested for three hours in the rain. But we are very excited that we reached a speed of 134 mph while banging on the rev limiters of the new C4400 with its 11-foot beam while testing last week. Based on that speed with 700s, there’s no telling how the 1100-powered cats will run.”

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To see Mystic’s R4400 catamarans taking shape for the final time before the 2015 Miami Boat Show, check out the slideshow above.

On the 39-foot center console side of the equation, Sjogren said the detail work continues.

“The helm is coming along great and we made some design changes that will allow the door to have very open access so you do not have to bend over to get in the cabin,” he said. “This is a change I know everyone will like and will allow better cabin access. At this point, berth space under helm area is equal to a queen-size bed. For exterior seating, Mystic is using new higher technology foams to allow more comfortable seating and quick return of foam when you get off seat. as well as proper wicking material below.”

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To see helm station, hardtop and other interiors of Mystic’s M3900 center consoles taking shape for the final time before the 2015 Miami Boat Show, checkout the slideshow above.

“Everything is coming along great and we’ll be ready for the show. John and the staff worked the through holidays,” said Sjogren. “There are even guys coming in tomorrow.”

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