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Mystic C4400 Catamaran Update: 128 Mph On Day One

With Scott Sjogren and Greg Weber or Pier 57 Marine, as well as Mike Griffiths of Mercury Racing, on hand today in DeLand, Fla., John Cosker of Mystic Powerboats piloted his company’s first new—so new that it’s yet to be painted—C4400 catamaran to a top speed of 128 mph with its twin Mercury Racing 700SCi engines turning 5,000 rpm. According to Sjogren, the owner of Pier 57, the global dealer for Mystic based in Gurnee, Ill., the cat’s projected top speed of 130 mph “should be no problem” when Cosker tests it again.


Mystic’s John Cosker (left) reportedly piloted his new 44-foot catamaran to 128 mph today. Photos courtesy Scott Sjogren/Pier 57 Marine

“Today’s top speed numbers were very respectable for a 44-foot catamaran with an 11-foot beam that weighs 8,500 pounds dry on its first day in the water,” said Sjogren. “Acceleration was excellent, and the boat handles perfectly, just like a 50-foot Mystic.

“We were carrying 250 gallons of fuel,” he added. “So it wasn’t a particularly light load.”

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To view images from today’s test session of the Mystic C4400, check out the slideshow above.

Cosker and company plan to add spacers to the cat’s Mercury Racing No. 6 drives, lower the drive height and raise the height of the water pickups. The engines, which are rated to a maximum operating speed of 5,200 rpm, were getting too much water pressure, according to Sjogren.

“Everyone is very happy with the results today,” said Sjogren, who is on his way back to Illinois with Weber this evening. “Running 130 mph is going to be no problem.”

Editor’s note: Testing of the Mystic C4400 will resume next week. Speedonthewater.com will provide ongoing reports as performance results come in.

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