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Mystic C3800 Bridges The Performance Gap For First-Time Go-Fast Boat Buyers

Since moving from Illinois to Florida full-time 10 years ago, Glen and Cathy Mayer have owned vessels from power cruisers to sailboats. But in their latest ride—a Mystic Powerboats C3800 catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines—the Mayers now have their first high-performance boat.

“We have always had boats since we got married 40 years ago,” said Glen Mayer. “Our son and daughter grew up on boats.”

mystic3800mayer 30A

For Glen and Cathy Mayer, the Mystic C3800’s open-cockpit layout option weighed heavily in their purchase decision (click image to enlarge).

SOTW 2019 placeholder 350x300As it happens, their son, Brandon, owns Sweetwater Landing Marina in the Fort Myers, Fla., not far from their home in Punta Gorda. Through their son’s business, they have been exposed to go-fast boats from the likes of Cigarette Racing Team, Donzi Marine and more. Mayer said that while those boats did captured their attention, they seemed too “high-maintenance” to own.

That perception changed as they explored the Mystic line.

“We have a friend who has a Mystic center console so we started looking at them,” said Mayer, who is 62 years old. “But we kept coming back to the catamaran. We talked to different owners and eventually went to the Mystic factory to meeting with John Cosker and Ryan Zvitski. We went out one with Ryan in three-foot waves in the Atlantic and the ride was comfortable. I came out of V-bottoms and I am surprised how well the cat handled the waves. The ride was really nice and solid. We didn’t get beaten to death.”

Check out the slideshow above for more images of the latest Mystic C3800.

Reliable, quiet and efficient, Mercury Racing outboard power combined with an open-cockpit layout, one of a few different layout options offered for the interior of the C3800, cemented their decision to order the cat. They took delivery earlier this week.

“The open layout really caught our eyes,” said Mayer. “Most of the cats we looked at had two front seats and a bench. With this layout that includes staggered seats and a rear-facing lounge, we have lots of walking-around area in the cockpit. And the lounge opens up the whole back of the boat. If you beach or anchor somewhere, getting on and off the boat is easy.”

The Mayers will keep the catamaran on a trailer at their son’s marina, and they will either launch from there or haul it to another point of departure. They plan to participate in Fort Myers Offshore fun/lunch runs and Florida Powerboat Club poker runs. (They are members of both outfits.) They’re planning to run the cat in the FPC Miami Boat Show Poker Run to Key Largo later this month.

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The Mystic C3800 is the Mayer’s first catamaran as well as their first high-performance boat (click image to enlarge).

“We’ll use it for anything from going to lunch to going to Key West and Bahamas,” said Mayer. “We’ll use it for quick day runs where we end up spending the night somewhere.”