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Mystic Building First Mercury Racing 450R-Powered M3800 Center Console

Currently in rigging and eventually headed to The Car Lot, Etc.Mystic Powerboats’ new dealer in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, the first Mystic M3800 luxury center console being set up with triple Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines should be completed by the end of the month. The 38-footer actually is the DeLand, Fla., company’s second center console build with a trio of the new supercharged, 450-hp V-8 outboards. The first was an M4200, which is headed to longtime Mystic client Slug Hefner in the Lake of the Ozarks area in Central Missouri.

mysticc3800 450s 01

The Mystic team is anticipating big things from its first M3800 luxury performance center console to be equipped with a trio of Mercury Racing’s newest 4.6-liter V-8 outboard engines.

“We are expecting some pretty strong numbers from our first M3800 with 450Rs,” said Greg Weber, Mystic’s director of sales and dealer development. “We tested our first M4200 with triple 450Rs and it performed fantastically. The engines absolutely deliver torque in the mid-range and low-end. The 42 is a big boat and it needs that. It gets on plane immediately.

“With triple 450Rs, the 42 topped out in the mid-80-mph range,” he continued. “That’s about the same as the same boat with quad (Mercury Racing) 400Rs.”

Like all current Mystic models, the 450R-powered C3800 was painted by Doug Harrell of Doug Harrell Designs. Before delivering the boat, John Cosker, the founder and owner of Mystic, will test it extensively.

“After we get that boat finished, tested and delivered we are doing a quad 450R 42-footer,” said Weber. “And we are anticipating strong performance. We think the 450R brings an entire new dimension to our center console line. Owners still get all the enjoyment and versatility of a big center console, but with a little extra performance to feed their ‘speed gene.’”

mysticc3800 450s 02

Said Weber, “We think the 450R brings an entire new dimension to our center console line.”

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