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Mystic Adds Bullock as Western Dealer

It’s probably no coincidence that on the heels of adding a second mold for its popular 50-foot-long catamaran, Mystic Powerboats has added Bullock Marine as its West Coast dealer. Despite a still-down peformance-boat market, demand for John Cosker’s big-buck Mystic creations continues to grow. So it makes perfect sense that Cosker would find a strong dealer west of the Mississippi.

That’s an apt description of Bullock Marine based in Seabrook, Texas. Bullock has been a top dealer for Skater catamarans, as well as Eliminator Performance Boats, for several years. Without question, company principal Bruce Bullock knows his way around high-end custom catamaran sales.

To a degree, Mystic and Skater compete with one another as both appeal to discerning and decidedly well-heeled go-fast catamaran buyers. However, Mystic offers nothing less than 50 feet long and the Skater line stops at 46 feet. So in theory, at least, the lines should compliment—rather than compete with—one another.

“Mystic is building bigger boats and has made its name with turbines, which a way I’ve wanted to go for awhile,” Bullock told me this morning. “I met with John Cosker at the Miami show and we started talking about Lake Havasu (Ariz.). That’s kind of my area, and to me it’s also the hot rod area of the West. I also talked to Peter (Hledin, owner and founder of Douglas Marine/Skater) and he was OK with it.

“I’m excited about getting into the turbines,” he added. “We’ll see what we can do.”