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Mystic 4400 Catamaran Tops 130 MPH


Mystic Powerboats‘ new C4400 catamaran topped 130 mph during test runs this afternoon. With its engines turning 5,425 rpm, the 44-footer reached 134 mph as recorded by the cat’s onboard GPS readout.

Achieving that speed on twin 700-hp engines from Mercury Racing has been the longstanding goal of John Cosker, the founder and owner of the DeLand, Fla., custom high-performance boat builder, since he started the project. (To read about the C4400’s first sea trials, click here.)

“The boat is unbelievable—I can’t say enough about it,” said Cosker—currently onboard the catamaran and headed back to the launch ramp—via mobile phone. “I absolutely love running it. It’s nimble, it’s fast and it accelerates unbelievably well. We’re on the rev limiters with 38-inch pitch props.


Scheduled for a 2015 Miami International Boat Show debut in February, Mystic’s C4400 catamaran reached 128 mph on its first test day and 134 mph—so far—today.

“We’re still on the water,” he added. “We are going back in for another inch of pitch right now.”

Though the first Mystic C4400 cat has been equipped with supercharged Mercury Racing 700s, the new two models—already sold—will be powered by the company’s 1,100-hp turbocharged engines. Cosker said he plans to offer twin 1100s as maximum power for the boat.

“With 1100s, it’s going to be a monster,” he said.

“I think that John has more than proven what his boats are capable of, going back to Lake of the Ozarks Shootout this year when one of his boats ran 244 mph,” said Scott Sjogren, the owner Pier 57 Marine, the global dealer for Mystic based in Gurnee, Ill. “We all felt that the 130-mph mark was an aggressive goal, but I am not at all surprised John could do that. He really is a genius when it comes to boat design. That number on 700s sets a new benchmark for 44-foot boats.

“We look forward to displaying the boat at the Miami Boat Show as well as running it and offering sea trails during the Miami Boat Show Poker Run,” he added. “We’ll also have the two 1100 boats there, which are already retail sold. Anyone who wants to set up a sea trial should contact me or Greg Weber at Pier 57 Marine.”

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