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Mystic 4400 Cat to Ride on Saltwater-Submersible MYCO Tilt Trailer

Although the latest tilt trailer creation from MYCO Trailers in Bradenton, Fla., won’t be built exclusively for Mystic Powerboats‘ new C4400 catamaran (read the latest story), it will be standard for the upcoming 44-footer. According to MYCO‘s Bill Tweedie, the company decided to build it after he had multiple discussions with longtime MYCO customer Scott Sjogren of Pier 57 Marine, Mystic’s global dealer in Gurnee, Ill.


For position only—the hull mold for Mystic’s 4400 cat takes a ride in MYCO’s prototype trailer for the finished product. Photos courtesy Scott Sjogren/Pier 57 Marine.

Both Tweedie and Sjogren said they saw the need for a saltwater-submersible tilt model for catamarans in the 40- to 44-foot range. Having that kind of trailer means that owners of cats in that size can ramp-launch—water depth and ramp angle allowing of course—their boats in the event that a travel lift or crane isn’t available or is simply an expense the owner doesn’t want to incur. Tweedie and Sjogren said it is the first saltwater-submersible tilt trailer on the market.

“I’d have to say it is—I haven’t seen anything like it before,” Tweedie said. “You can launch from a smaller tilt trailer in freshwater, but with the typical tubing and mainframe used in those trailers, as well as the Air Ride system, you can’t launch in saltwater. You need that Air Ride system for the bigger cats because the trailers ride too low without them, but not with ‘smaller’ cats like the 44-foot Mystic or 44-foot MTI. What we’ve done with this galvanized steel trailer is gone with an open-channel ‘C-section’—our mainframe is not tubing—we build the cradles in two separate pieces. We send everything out to be galvanized and then we dip it in DuPont Imron paint. Then we start piecing it all together. We use our regular Dexter torsion axles with airtight hubs—the same components we use in all our saltwater and military trailers. All of the hydraulic rams for the tilt mechanisms are stainless steel. The brake lines for our the disc brakes are stainless steel.

“The long and the short of it is you have a tilt trailer you can dunk in saltwater, just like our non-tilting trailers,” he continued. “Owners can take it out of tilt mode and wet-launch and retrieve their cats with this trailer. It even has a big bow pad, centering guides and a ladder the pivots up with the cradle.”

The saltwater-submersible tilt trailer will be offered in standard tag and gooseneck versions.

MYCO also is building a trailer exclusively for Mystic’s M3900 center console, which, like the C4400 catamaran, will be released at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show in February. Unlike the trailer for the cat, the center console’s trailer is being fabricated from galvanized and painted aluminum. It will be outfitted with custom wheels and diamond plate, as well as the “Mystic 3900” designation cut into the nonskid surfacing on its fenders.


A closer look at some of the hardware for MYCO’s first saltwater-submersible tilt trailer.

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