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MYCO Trailers Steps Up With 2021 Powerboat P1 Sponsorship

Headquartered in Bradenton, Fla., but known throughout the high-performance powerboat world, MYCO Trailers will be a Powerboat P1 sponsor and official partner for the 2021 season. The news was announced by the United Kingdom-based offshore racing producer—an American Power Boat Association member-organization—in a press release this morning.

Powerboat P1 has a six-race Class One series planned for 2021. Photo by Pete Boden copyright Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“Partnerships are at the heart of our business and this feels like a very natural relationship that will deliver tangible results for both parties,” said Azam Rangoonwala, the chief executive officer of Powerboat P1, in the release. “The sponsorship will give MYCO Trailers exposure through our television shows, which are broadcast domestically and internationally, our website and social media activity, event branding and marketing.”

Earlier this year, Powerboat P1 inked a multi-year deal for the international rights to promote and produce Union Internationale Motonautique Class One races. The current P1 plan for 2021 includes a six-race Class One series.

“We are partnering with P1 to reinforce our racing connections,” said Jon Smiley, MYCO’s head of business development. “The world of offshore racing helped us catapult to, and remain at, the top of the custom-boat trailer market. We are known for our dedication to long-term customer support and this new association with P1 will give us the opportunity to better connect with race teams to receive additional customer feedback that will be transferred into improved product designs in the future.

“As our Service Center opens early next year we look forward to providing a convenient factory service center for all MYCO Trailers on the road today,” he added.

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