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MYCO Trailers Launching Upgrade And Service Center

In a move spearheaded by MYCO Trailers president Price Taylor and sales representative Jon Smiley, the Bradenton, Fla., company is preparing to launch an in-house service and upgrade center. The new operation, which for at least the first year will be limited to MYCO-built products, is scheduled to launch on December 1.

From individual clients to dealerships, MYCO Trailers owners will have access to the company’s soon-to-be-launched service and upgrade center. Photo courtesy Performance Boat Center.

“I think this is one of the greatest things we have ever added to our company,” said Smiley. “Find another trailer company that offers a Rolls Royce-quality service and upgrade center for its Rolls Royce-quality trailers for its customers.”

In addition to regular service operations, MYCO plans to offer full-point inspections for individual owners, as well as manufacturers, dealers and powerboat transporters with existing MYCO trailers in their inventory. On the upgrade side, the “sky is the limit” according to the Smiley, and the company can retrofit its products with upgrades such as LED lighting, ladders, tool boxes, extra tires/wheels, drive guards and more.

The company will not, however, offer trailer conversions.

“Let’s say you have a trailer we built for a 42-foot Fountain and you want us to convert it to accommodate a 46-foot Outerlimits,” said Smiley “That’s not something we want to be involved with as more likely than not it will be less expensive to just build a new trailer.

“Though we’re still tight with space until our expansion is finished, we are excited about our new service and upgrade center,” he added. “It’s a great option for our customers to have.”

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