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MYCO Reopening Production

Four weeks ago, MYCO Trailers in Bradenton, Fla., stopped recreational-powerboat trailer production in response to the novel coronavirus crisis. Though MYCO kept a skeleton crew working on military trailer builds, according to the company’s Jon Smiley, all other trailer projects were put on hold.

Starting tomorrow, the MYCO production team will incrementally return to work.

Though MYCO has some catching up to do, representatives of the leading high-performance powerboat trailer company are confident that will happen.

“We will be easing back into full production and should have everyone back to work, with the exception of a few people who have to stay at home to teach their children, by the end of the week,” said Smiley, who handles new business development and outside sales for the company. “I have been working at home and so has Ronnie Moran (MYCO’s vice president of sales and corporate office manager).

“I mostly work out of my home anyway, so the transition wasn’t difficult for me,” he continued. “We kept the military orders moving so we wouldn’t have a backlog of those, but we do have a backlog of consumer trailer orders that we will be working hard to catch up on.”

Smiley said that the company’s average seven- to eight-week lead time has, because of the shut-down, expanded to 13 weeks. The company is instituting a “triage-style” production strategy until it catches up.

“We reached out to many customers to keep them updated, and we are prioritizing those with true ‘deadlines,’ ” he said. “We will get back to our regular production pace, but it will require some patience from our consumer and boat-builder clients. But everyone is in the same boat and we will get through this together.”

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