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MTI Unveils New 38- and 52-Foot Catamarans in Miami


Two words—Black Diamond. That’s what everyone is going to be talking about over the next several days at the Miami International Boat Show. The new all-black 52-foot catamaran from Marine Technology Inc. (MTI) is a showstopper to say the least.

Powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines, the extremely custom boat is the first of three on order, according to MTI owner Randy Scism. Painted by Visual Imagination, the canopy pleasure boat features six seats in a unique configuration—two seats up front, two behind and two offset to the outside of the first two seats. All of the seats have built-in air-conditioning.

Everything inside the 52-footer is diamond-themed, too. From the steps going down into the cockpit and the diamond cutouts in the engine hatch vents, the attention to detail on the boat, which was actually finished at the show, is amazing. (Check out the photos below.)

The first 38-foot catamaran from MTI is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines.

The first 38-foot catamaran from MTI is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines.

Also making its debut at the show is MTI’s new 38-foot catamaran, a stunning green, gray and white six-seater powered by twin Mercury Racing 1100 engines. Sold to a customer in Tennessee, the boat—as well as the 52—will be making its maiden voyage in next week’s Miami Boat Show Poker Run hosted by the Florida Powerboat ClubPier 57’s Scott Sjogren was excited to be delivering the new model to his customer at the show this afternoon.

“This boat is perfect, don’t you think?” Sjogren asked. “I can’t wait to run it in the poker run. We’re going to do some testing next Wednesday and then have some fun with it on the poker run.”

While the new catamarans stood out, one thing was definitely missing from the MTI display—the Wentzille, Mo., company’s first production 42-foot center console.

“We’re disappointed that the 42 is not here, but we didn’t want to bring it if it wasn’t 100 percent ready,” Scism said. “The first appearance needs to be the best appearance. Fortunately we have the prototype in the water for demo rides so people can still see the boat at the show.”

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The roomy six-seat cockpit is a winner in MTI's new 38-foot catamaran. The cockpit of the new 52-foot MTI features a unique six-seat configuration. From the pop-up screens and speakers on deck of new 52 MTI, the boat's entertainment system is off the charts.
Notice the propeller-designed steering wheel and air-conditioning vents on the dash of the 52 MTI. A custom cover for the Mercury Racing 1350 engines is one of many diamond-themed touches throughout the 52 MTI. The new 52-foot catamaran features an 11-foot, 6-inch beam.

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