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MTI Tests First V 42 with Seven Marine 557 Engines

Last week, Tim Gallagher—sales and marketing manager for Marine Technology Inc.—joined a pair of Seven Marine representatives—John Litjens and Steve Lippincott—for an expanded test session on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks in the company’s new V 42 with triple Seven Marine 557 engines. And according to Gallagher, the first 42-footer from the Wentzville, Mo., company to feature a set of the 557-hp outboard engines was a complete pleasure to drive.

mtiv42 557 idle

The team at MTI collaborated with Seven Marine to power its latest V 42 center console with triple 557 engines. Photos courtesy MTI

Gallagher, who emphasized that a variety of propellers—a truckload to be exact—were used throughout the multiple-day testing process, said the center console reached a spectacular 83 mph with the three 6.2L supercharged small-block V8s mounted on the transom. The boat is the first to be built with three outboards—all of the preceding 42-footers from the factory have four Mercury Marine engines.

“Obviously everyone here has been looking forward to doing a Seven Marine project, it was just a matter of finding the right customer who was ready to order a boat so we could do it,” said Gallagher, who praised the Seven Marine crew for its effort and time spent dialing in the boat. “Not only are we impressed with how the boat responded to the power, the customer is very happy with the performance as well.

“Our quad Verado 300 boat runs 70 to 72 mph, and this one runs over 80 mph so we’re an honest 10 mph faster with this setup,” added Gallagher, who said the price of the 42-footer is close to $200,000 more with the Seven Marine package. “This boat is extremely cool because it’s so different. When someone is riding around in this, not only do they have an MTI that nobody else has, the boat has power that nobody else has.”

Being that the setup with the Seven Marine engines is quite different than the typical Mercury-powered quad-engine boats MTI has built, Gallagher said they spent a lot of time playing with drive heights, gears, props and more. Gallagher added that propeller selection is limited, too, because nobody has designed a prop specifically with the 557 engines in mind.

“We’re extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with MTI—it’s something we’ve been looking forward to for some time,” said Seven Marine Vice President Brian Davis. “Obviously MTI comes from the high end of the performance spectrum and they’ve built what the market has deemed an extremely nice model in the V 42. They really do a great job delivering luxury and performance in the boat. We believe the 557 engines are the perfect complement.

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Check out the slideshow above for more images from MTI’s recent test session on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks.

“Our brand is all about luxury and performance, too,” he continued. “We have a premium product that customers expect to be delivered in a premium way. So, in the case of MTI and every company we work with on a new build, we spend a lot of time working to understand the application before the engines are even shipped. Generally we start working with a company before one of its customers has even decided to purchase a boat with our engines.”

Davis believes having one MTI on the water with a set of 557 engines—and test data to go with it—will lead to more customers wanting the same setup.

“The guys at Seven Marine were great to work with—we’d certainly love to do more with them,” Gallagher said. “Honestly it’s quite a different experience in the 557 boat. When you’re riding around in one of our boats that go 70 mph, it’s fast. But ride in one that runs in the low 80s and that’s a big step up in a center console.”

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