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MTI Fired Up on Mercury Racing Turbo Power

Just got off the phone with Randy Scism, the founder and owner of Marine Technology, Inc., which builds high-performance pleasure and racing catamarans, in Wentzville, Mo. Scism told me he has ordered 10 Mercury Racing turbocharged 1300/1350 engines, and expects delivery of the quad-overhead cam engines in September or October.

“Four of those sets are going in new 48s,” said Scism. “The fifth set is going to Albert Haynesworth. He’s either going to replace the 1075s in ‘Terminator’ or have us build a completely new boat.”

When I mentioned to Scism that Haynesworth, a defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins, told me in February that he planned on sticking with Terminator, his new 48-footer, for more than a season, Scism laughed.

“Yeah, he told me that, too,” he said. “But David (David Woods, owner of Pier 57, an MTI and Cigarette Racing Team dealer in Pickwick, Tenn), told me he thinks he’ll order a new one.

In Other MTI News

•MTI is redesigning its race boat cockpits with thicker acrylic windshields, multiple walls, additional roll bars, “crush zones” and additional barriers.

•The builder has a new 39-foot-long Super Cat Light racer with twin Mercury Racing 525EFI engines coming for Randy Sweers of fastboats.com.

•MTI customer Bob Bull has ordered a new 44-footer for the PX class. Power for the catamaran reportedly will be twin 1,700-hp turbocharged engines from Sterling Performance.