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MTI At 25: In The Longest Run

Watch “In The Lead with Michael Howe” and you’ll learn that to describe him as the man behind Howe2Live, the popular YouTube channel he co-hosts with his wife, Sarah, vastly under-sells his talents and accomplishments. Howe is an innovator, inventor, entrepreneur and true adventurer. That his bride keeps up with him is a testament to her grit and gusto. They are well-matched.

Mike and Sarah Howe used their MTI 440X catamaran (captured here with its original Mercury Racing 450R engines before the conversion to 500R models) to cover more than 1,700 miles of open ocean in one weekend. Photo courtesy/copyright Scrapyard Media.

Heck, when Howe couldn’t find a power-cruiser that met his needs he built one of his own dubbed the 52 Kracken.

So it should come as zero surprise that in early July the Howes accomplished the longest weekend run—from Portland, Maine, to Miami and then on to Key West, Fla.—in MTI history. The couple used their open-cockpit 440X catamaran powered by Mercury Racing 500R outboard engines for the 1,790-mile adventure. Along the way, they set multiple Howe2Live records that are impressive by any standard.

“I am most proud of my wife—I put her through a lot,” Howe said after the run. “This was the most rugged endurance test we have ever been through.”

But the real point of their Maine-to-Key-West effort wasn’t just challenging themselves. It was inspiring their viewers.

“Howe2Live isn’t about how to live with a boat, it’s about looking at life and how to take each day like it’s the last day of your life,” Howe said. “It’s about getting off the couch, getting out there and finding your own path.”

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