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MTI 390X ‘Jetster’ A Hit With Burton And Yvette Kirsten

During last weekend’s Performance Boat Center Spring Fun Run at the Lake of the Ozarks in Central Missouri, Burton and Yvette Kirsten of Michigan got their first taste of Jetster, their new MTI 390X catamaran. And they loved it.

“It turned out absolutely beautiful,” said Yvette Kirsten. “Rusty Williams at Performance Boat Center had a lot of input in the build and it was great to work with him.”

Burton and Yvette Kirsten are delighted with their new MTI 390X sport catamaran dubbed Jetster. Photos by Jeff Helmkamp copyright Helmkamp Photos.

Powered by a pair of Mercury Racing 450R outboard engines, Jetster is for all intents and purposes Yvette Kirsten’s boat. Like their Jet Outerlimits SC 46 catamaran and Lil’ Jet, an MTI 340X catamaran also ordered for her, the 39-footer is named for Jet Fiore, the son of Outerlimits founder Mike Fiore and Shonda Whipple, and was painted by Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky.

The 390X is the couple’s second MTI—the first being the aforementioned Lil’ Jet catamaran.

“(The 340X) was a wonderful boat—great to drive—and it got right on plane,” said Yvette Kirsten. “I loved it. But we like the size of the new one even more.”

Enjoy more images of Jetster in the slideshow above.

“We want to do more Florida runs and leave it at Haulover Marine Center,” added her well-known husband. “That extra five feet matters in the ocean.”

But before Jetster sees Florida waters, it will be hauled back to the Kirsten’s home in Michigan, where they’ll run it this summer. Their 46-footer will remain at the Lake of the Ozarks for much of the season.

“We’re just getting to know the MTI family but they are a super group—we love Randy and Taylor Scism,” said Yvette Kirsten. “We don’t know many MTI owners yet, but we’re looking forward to that.”

Performance Boat Center’s Rusty Williams introduced the Kirstens to their new MTI creation last weekend during the dealership’s annual Spring Fun Run.

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