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Gone Again Team Skater 368 Sea Trial No. 2: ‘More Work To Do’

While everyone involved in the Gone Again team’s Skater Powerboats 368 catamaran project had hoped that the second round of testing today in Miami would reveal a flawless boat ready for the 2015 top-speed shootout circuit, no one really counted on it. As the cat’s owner Kenny Mungle said in a speedonthewater.com story on the first test earlier today, “There’s no set ‘formula’ for it. So it’s going to take little time.”

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Said Lee Lockwood: “It’s the first sea trials so we’re taking it day by day.” Photo courtesy/copyright Jim Winters/Speedonthewater.com (click image to enlarge).

Based on the weather forecast, Mungle and John Tomlinson of TNT Custom Marine believed running conditions would be better this afternoon than they were this morning. But according to Gone Again team member Lee Lockwood, the winds, which were expected to decrease, picked up and conditions worsened. In the afternoon session, Mungle and Tomlinson did not push the cat past 150 mph.

At present, the most significant issue facing the Gone Again crew is the catamaran’s tendency to porpoise as it accelerates up to 150 mph.

“It’s the sea trials so we’re taking it day by day,” Lockwood said. “Drive height has been talked about. Center of gravity is on the table. There are a lot of variables.”

Tomlinson agreed. “The boat seems to be fighting itself,” he said. “We need to play around with it—we have some more work to do. I think we need to play with the drive height and gearboxes and rebalance it. With the CG so far back, it still has some setup issues. The boat is not ‘happy’ right now.

Editor’s note: Speedonthewater.com will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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