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Miss GEICO’s Boat Show Blitz

With three boat shows down already since the beginning of the year, the Miss GEICO Racing team is just getting started with its hectic 2013 boat show season, which eventually gives way to the team’s offshore racing season. Over the next two months, the crew will be traveling to Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri and other areas of the country to display one of their race boats and promote GEICO Insurance at nine different boat shows.

The Miss GEICO Racing team is all set up in Louisville, Ky., for this weekend's boat show, one of nine coming up through March.

The Miss GEICO Racing team is all set up in Louisville, Ky., for this weekend’s boat show, one of nine coming up through March.

“We’re having a complete blast doing the boat shows,” said Gary Goodell, the team’s marketing manager. “We bring all the toys and the blow-ups to the shows and we hand out giveaways up the wazoo. It’s a lot of fun, and it works for GEICO, which is the most important part. It’s kind of funny, but I like to tell people that since Progressive is the lead sponsor on most of these shows, they basically spend a lot of money so we can steal the show.

For obvious reasons, Goodell is looking forward to the Miami International Boat Show in a couple of weeks. Along with having the large display right outside the convention center doors as the team has the past few years, Goodell will also have the GEICO Caveman boat in the water at Sea Isle Marina. The 38 Top Gun from Cigarette Racing is powered by twin Mercury Racing HP525EFI engines.

Here is the Miss GEICO Racing team’s calendar along with links to the various boat shows. Be sure to stop by and meet the crew.

Louisville Boat Show (Jan. 23-27), Minneapolis Boat Show (Jan. 31-Feb. 3), St. Louis Boat Show (Feb. 6-10), Atlantic City Boat Show (Feb. 6-10), Miami International Boat Show (Feb. 13-18), Mobile Boat Show (Feb. 21-24), Baltimore Boat Show (Feb. 28-March 3), Biloxi Boat Show (March 7-10), SW International Boat Show (March 21-24), Palm Beach Boat Show (March 21-24), Norwalk Boat Show (Sept. TBD), Tampa Boat Show (Sept. TBD), Galveston Boat Show (Oct. 11-13).