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Miss GEICO ‘5.0’ Catamaran Arriving this Month

According to Miss GEICO offshore racing team driver Marc Granet, the “fifth generation” Miss GEICO—a 44-foot Victory catamaran—should arrive at the outfit’s shop in Riviera Beach, Fla., this month, possibly even this week. However, Granet said fans will have to wait awhile for any “spy pics” of the boat to be released.

“We are going to wait until the boat gets here and we have time to go over it before we show it to the public,” he said.


Later this month, another Miss GEICO Victory cat will find a home next to the current one (shown here at the 2015 Super Boat International Race in Cocoa Beach, Fla.) in the team’s shop. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

Before the 44-footer, which has an overall length of 50 feet, is rigged, team manager Gary Stray and his crew will work to enhance the strength of the canopy. The engines for the cat will be “based off our current AMF Offshore Racing engines,” Granet said.

“The cockpit and rigging will include the most advanced products available to the motorsports industry,” he said. “This will be the fifth iteration of the boat—call it Miss GEICO 5.0.—and it will be the most advanced Miss GEICO yet.

“Stray will throw everything he knows at it,” he added. “Then Scotty and I will thrash the hell out of it.”

The boat will be painted in the team’s trademark chartreuse hue. “There may another little surprise in the graphics as well,” Granet said.

As for whether or not he will drive the Cintron 50-foot Mystic Powerboats catamaran with throttleman Rich Wyatt in the upcoming Trinidad and Tobago Powerboat Association “Great Race” in August, Granet emphasized that nothing has been confirmed.

“Right now, it’s a discussion—and an ambitious one,” he said. “But it’s interesting. There’s in the possibility of three Mystics, one MTI, one Skater and a Platinum all competing in one, 100-mile open-ocean race.”

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