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Miller Joins Fountain—Fountain Gets a Sense of Humor

For a business predicated on having fun, the high-performance powerboat industry is strangely devoid of humor and creativity in its sales and marketing efforts. Companies hawking everything from flavorless beer to automobile insurance employ humor in their sales and marketing strategies, and yet so much of the go-fast boat world still seems mired in time-honored—but frankly stale—“Buy this boat, get this girl” campaigns.

That’s why Fountain Powerboats recent addition of Nick Miller as its vice president of sales and marketing is such refreshing news. Normally, I wouldn’t even report on such an appointment, but Miller, who worked for Donzi for 17 years, is anything but normal.

Inherently theatrical, Miller is among the most creative, talented and downright funny individuals I have met on the marketing side of the high-performance boat business. Among his duties at Donzi and Pro-Line, where he worked with current Fountain chief executive officer John Walker and formed strategic alliances with Coca-Cola, Hard Rock Cafe, Wendy’s, Universal Studio sand Harley-Davidson was to assemble an entertaining opening video for the annual Donzi dealer meeting. His videos never failed to bring down the house.

Titled “The Last Supper,” his final video for Donzi depicted various former Fountain employees, including the late Steve Simon, leaving Fountain to join former Donzi CEO Lee Kimmell at his “last supper” table. It was as hilarious then as it is—with Miller joining Fountain—ironic now.

Can we expect the same level of creativity and humor from Miller at Fountain? Unfortunately, as his hiring was just announced yesterday he was a tad too busy to return my call before I posted this blog. But I have no reason to doubt