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Miami Boat Show: Thursdays Hot Four

Though I’d describe yesterday’s attendance at the Miami International Boat Show as light, there was some very heavy high-performance hardware on display. Here are four items that caught my attention:

1. Mercury Racing 1300/1350 engine: No less—and probably more—than five years in the making Mercury Racing’s twin-turbo quad overhead cam, 32-valve cam is a stunner. While I heard a couple of observers say the engine looked like “a diesel,” I think the packaging is sleek and ultra-modern. But why quibble about looks? This engine reportedly pumps out 1,300 to 1,350 hp (depending on the induction setup—see my blog below) and 1,300 foot-pounds of torque from 2,000 to 6,000 rpm—so much torque that Mercury Racing had to design and build a new drive, the M8, just to handle it.

2. Cigarette AMG 46 V-bottom: Dismiss this one as all style and no substance and you won’t just be incorrect, you’ll be missing the point. A true collaboration between Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes AMG, the boat was inspired by—and not a copy of—the new Mercedes AMG SLS luxury sports car. The point here is that Cigarette and Mercedes AMG believe in one another’s product enough to co-brand—the president of Mercedes Benz spoke at last night’s unveiling and was among the international guests that included more than a dozen representatives from Mercedes AMG, as well as Asif Rangoonwalla, the CEO of Powerboat P1 and members of the Fendi family. But forget the guest list name-dropping: The boat was just flat out cool. Speculation that the 46-footer might have AMG-tuned power was a tad off, as twin Mercury Racing 1350s (see above and below) provide the power.

3. Statement 50 Catamaran: OK, I’ll admit that for my tastes the spa tub—complete with a pair of models for the day—in stern of this stunning 50-footer was a bit over the top, but the catamaran blew me away in its attention to detail. From tooling to upholstery, Statement’s 50 cat is close to flawless. The cat features a unique concave tunnel design that reportedly helps it pack more air for greater lift. If it runs as good as it looks, the boat will be remarkable.

4. Marine Technology, Inc.: 48 Catamaran: Tilted up for display, the MTI 48 looks a whole lot bigger than it really is. The model in the MTI booth belongs NFL defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, who just looks plain big. But back to the boat, which is a serious bad-ass with twin Mercury Racing 1025/1200 engines and a “Terminator”-themed paint job with the names Cigarette, Outerlimits and Skater painted on it in a nod to those brands the 48-footer can terminate. Bold stuff, but you can pull that off when you’re Albert Haynesworth.