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Mercury Racing Unveils 775-HP Small-Block Aftermarket Auto Crate Engine

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Visitors to the SEMA show, which opened in Las Vegas this morning, will get the first public look at a “real” Mercury Racing SB4 7.0 engine crate engine.

Moments ago at the Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, attendees and exhibitors got their first look at Mercury Racing’s new SB4 (Small Block Four Valve) 7.0-litre automotive aftermarket crate engine. Designed, developed and manufactured in-house, the naturally aspirated engine features Mercury Racing’s exclusive aluminum four-valve cylinder heads and dual overhead camshaft valve train integrated with a LS cylinder block “packed with Mercury Racing spec hardware,” according to a press release from the Fond du Lac, Wis., high-performance marine engine company.

The engine’s proven valve train, which greatly enhances engine durability over a standard two-valve design, enables the engine to produce a staggering 775 horsepower at 7,500 rpm on pump fuel. Benefits of the DOHC four-valve design versus the typical LS pushrod layout reportedly include:

• Improved intake and exhaust flow enables increased engine performance.
• Efficient, high tumble four-valve combustion.
• Low mass, high stiffness design reduces stresses and enables smooth high-rpm
operation and exceptional longevity.
• Improved drivability due to optimized camshaft timing at comparable horsepower levels.

Mercury Racing designs and develops its own fully integrated systems, according to the release, including creating its own electrical and engine management systems. Featuring software written in house at the company, the outfit’s proprietary powertrain control module provides the opportunity for customization and application specific needs.

Computer Aided Design renderings showcase the Mercury Racing SB4 7.0 engine and its internal hardware. Component renderings include the engine’s custom four-valve cylinder heads, inducation system, DOHC valve train and timing chain.

The Mercury Racing SB4 7.0 engine was developed utilizing 3-D simulations and analyses on airflow, cooling, fuel and lubrication systems. Intense finite element analysis studies were conducted on the head, block and rotating components to ensure an efficient and reliable powertrain, according to the release.

Reportedly “turn-key and ready to run,” the SB4 7.0 engine features Mercury Racing’s proprietary engine control module and electrical harness. The engine comes unpainted to allow builders to color-match the powerplant to the vehicle.

Suggested retail price is $28,995. Exhaust system and engine front drive components such as power steering, alternator, air-conditioner pump, pulleys, belts and related brackets are not included.

This is Mercury Racing’s fourth year exhibiting—booth No. 37005 with the SB4 7.0 engine prominently displayed—at the SEMA show. The SB4 7.0 also is featured in the company’s “development vehicle,” a mid-engine Ultima GTR Supercar.

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A new Mercury Racing SB4 7.0 engine powers this Ultima GTR Supercar.

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