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Mercury Racing Unveils 1350/1100 QC4v Engine

Continuing to expand its quad cam four valve engine offerings, Mercury Racing has added a dual-calibration power-adjustable 1,350/1,100-hp turbocharged engine to the line. The new offering, which like the 1550/1350 engine model is controlled at the dash by interchangeable electronic key fobs for each power output setting, was released at the Miami International Boat Show today.

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The Mercury Racing 1350/1100 joins the 1550/1350 as the company’s second dual-calibration power-adjustable QC4v engine offering.

The nine-liter 1350/1100 engine is designed to address the problem of octane-appropriate fuel availability. Not all marinas carry the fuel required for the Fond du Lac, Wis., company’s higher-output engines.

The standard Mercury Racing 1350 has a minimum 91-octane fuel requirement. The lower-output 1,100-hp version of the QC4v engine can operate on 89- to 90-octane fuel. By building both into one power-adjustable package, Mercury gives owners flexibility and peace of mind.

The electronic fobs work off Mercury’s Theft Deterrent System, according to press materials from the company. The power-specific key fobs provide the operator visual cues via an interactive VesselView display. One key fob controls the horsepower output of multiple engines within the boat. The Theft Deterrent System disables the vessel when an assigned electronic key is not engaged. The net result is a fully integrated control system with unique, switchable engine calibrations.

For a closer look at the Mercury Racing 1350/1100 engine, check out the slideshow above.

Like the dual-calibration 1550/1350 engine, the 1350/1100 boasts a carbon-fiber top and front covers. Mercury Racing offers 12 colors options for the engine, drive and transom assembly package.

Price for the 1350/1100 engine with an M8 drive is $216,605. A limited one-year warranty is included.

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