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Mercury Racing Releases New Digital Zero Effort Controls

While the biggest news from Mercury Racing today came from the engine side with the introduction on the new 540 (read the story), the company also unveiled the latest evolution of its Zero Effort Digital Controls. Thanks to what the company called “stackable, modular design” in a press release, the controls can be offered in two- and four-lever configurations for single- and twin-engine performance boats.

mercury miami zeroeffort

“These are the third edition of the Zero Effort products,” said Rick Mackie, senior marketing manager for the Fond du Lac, Wis., high-performance marine engine company. “The first were the original Kiekhaefer controls updated from mechanical to digital throttle and shift. The second edition was a new design released in conjunction with the 1350 engine in 2010. They featured a separate sets of throttles and shifters.

“The new controls bring us back to the stackable, modular design pioneered by Kiekhaefer Aeromarine (Mercury Racing) with refinements made also by shorter levers for an enhanced ergonomic look and feel,” Mackie added.

Throttles and shifters can be grouped separately or combined into a single unit. Variable friction adjustment provides custom tactile feel and resists “throttle creep,” according to the release.

Construction highlights of the new Zero Effort Digital Controls include stainless steel in the lever, mechanism and fastening hardware. The housing material is corrosion-resistant, marine- grade aluminum coated for enhanced protection in the extreme saltwater environment.

Short-throw levers provide effortless shifting and ultra-fast throttle response. Shift and throttle handles are made of an anodized aluminum for enhanced corrosion resistance. Handle color options include clear, red and black.

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