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Mercury Racing Introduces 1100

As you read this, Mercury Racing is unveiling its new 1100 engine at the Miami International Boat Show. The 1,100-hp engine is based on the same quad-overhead cam twin-turbocharger platform as the company’s 1,350-hp engine, which was introduced at the Miami show one year ago today.

What the new engine means—beyond being another turbocharged and technologically sophisticated offering in the Mercury Racing line—is that the supercharged 1075SCi and 1200/10225 dual-fuel engines will be gone in the near future.

“The 1100 will effectively replace the 1075 and 1200/1025,” says Fred Kiekhaefer, the president of Mercury Racing. “We will be taking them off the market. While we’ll continue to provide service and parts for them, those engines are pretty much history.”

The 700SCi will remain in the Mercury Racing line.

The 1100 runs on 89-octane fuel, uses the same transmission as the 1350 and lists for $172,700 with an NXT SSM drive, which is standard for the new engine. It also is available with an M8 drive.

For the complete story on the new Mercury Racing 1100, check out the next issue of Powerboat magazine.