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Mercury Racing 300R Outboard Offered With Advanced Mid-Section

Mercury Racing’s 300R outboard engine now has one more thing in common with its fellow V-8-based 450R sibling—an Advanced Mid-Section. The news of the performance-enhancing option for the naturally aspirated, 300-hp outboard was unveiled this morning at a press event on Captiva Island in Southwest Florida.

An Advanced Mid-Section now an option for the potent Mercury Racing 300R V-8 outboard engine. Photos courtesy/copyright Mercury Racing.

Later today, members of the media will get to experience the AMS-equipped outboard on various high-performance center consoles and catamarans.

“With the addition of the Racing AMS, more powerboat enthusiasts can experience maximum performance in the 300-hp outboard class that is only available from the Mercury Racing 300R,” said Stuart Halley, Mercury Racing general manager, in a press release from the Fond du Lac, Wis. “This package should be especially appealing for use on high-performance, stepped-bottom center console boats, many of which have transoms already optimized for the for the added set-back of the AMS as offered on other Mercury Marine and Mercury Racing outboard products.

“It’s a better fit on many of these transoms and permits more tilt range within narrow motor-wells,” he continued. “With the new 300R Racing AMS models, more performance enthusiasts may now experience the awesome punch of a Mercury Racing V8 outboard.”

The Racing AMS is outfitted heavy-duty guide plates and stiffened engine mounts to stabilize the engine for enhanced high-speed handling. An optional rear tie-bar bracket integral to the Racing AMS provides a strong, ultra-light mounting point for rock-solid, precision steering on catamaran and other ultra-high- speed applications. To ensure run quality is smooth and quiet at all speeds, the Racing AMS also isolates the powerhead from the transom.

The Racing AMS-equipped 300R outboard is ideal for stepped-bottom center consoles that can accommodate additional set-back.

A couple of gearcase options are available for the 300R outboard with the Racing AMS: the surface- piercing Sport Master for boats capable of speeds more than 85 mph, and the 5.44-inch Heavy Duty gearcase for use on bay boats and multi-engine performance stepped-bottom center consoles where the setup requires more gearcase in the water to create lift.

In addition to the new Racing AMS-equipped model, Mercury Racing will continue to offer 300R outboard with Conventional Mid-Section and Heavy Duty Conventional Mid-Section, both of which are available with Digital Throttle And Shift (DTS) or mechanical controls and Mercury electro-hydraulic power steering.

The Mercury Racing 300R with the Racing AMS will be produced in limited quantities for the 2022 Program Year. The company currently is accepting orders.

Look for a follow-up story on the Mercury 300R with the Advanced Mid-Section this afternoon on speedonthewater.com.

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