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Mercury Racing 1300/1350 Engine Price Set

As expected, Mercury Racing’s new twin-turbocharged, quad-overhead cam engine, which was unveiled at the 2010 Miami International Boat Show in February, is one high-ticket item. The engine, which comes with an M8 drive and a one-year warranty, is priced at $202,000. Considering that most (but not all, according to Mercury Racing president, Fred Kiekhaefer) will be used in twin-engine applications, you’re looking at more than $400,000 just in power—or re-power—for your new or existing boat.

Definitely not even close to reality for the “average” performance-boat owner, and more than a little out of my league, but is the price particularly high?

Well, it’s certainly up there but considering several engines in the same power range can cost from up to $100,000 and don’t come with a drive—and the M8 is not offered as a stand-alone unit—which can add another $50,000-plus to the price, the retail price for the 1300/1350 is not unexpected and in-line with the pricing of Mercury Racing’s other big-power offerings. Plus, the all-new engine-and-drive platform is an integrated package rather than one product married to another.

I’m not saying the price doesn’t take my breath away. I am saying that the price of the engine probably won’t shock anyone who is able to play at this level.

Delivery of the first 1300/1350 engines is scheduled for September.