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Mercury Makes A New Connection

A couple of years ago while covering the Miami International Boat Show, I encountered a member of the FELL Marine team, which had a small display alongside the Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats docks to showcase its new WiMEA Wireless Kill Switch. An acronym for Wireless Marine Electronics Algorithm, the WiMEA Wireless Kill Switch caught my eye and I ended up featuring the product in an issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine because the ingenuity of the system, which featured a Boat unit and a Man Over Board (MOB) unit that could be worn on your wrist, attached to your life vest or put it in your pocket, was undeniable.

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Mercury Marine is proud to be partnering with FELL Marine in an effort to bring its customers the same level of connectivity and performance that they experience with their automobiles. Photo by FELL Marine

Around the middle of last year, I received a press release that FELL Marine had upped the ante with its MOB+ Wireless Man OverBoard system that allows for up to four people to be connected at the same time rather than just the one as it did previously. Of course that news grabbed my attention, too, and I included it in the Gear section of the July/August 2017 Speed On The Water digital magazine.

Having one unit act as the captain’s stop unit and the additional three as alarm units for passengers is a pretty cool concept. The safety value is noticeable for sure if the driver or anyone else falls overboard, but I figured that was about all the system had to offer. Boy was I wrong.

At this year’s Miami International Boat Show, Mercury Marine announced a new partnership with FELL to co-develop Mercury-exclusive wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) connected products that will seamlessly integrate with Mercury’s SmartCraft suite of digital technology (gauges, sensors, monitors and vessel systems) to make boating easier, safer and more enjoyable than ever before.

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