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Mercury 1075SCi

Mercury Racing’s Mercury Racing 1075SCi engine1075SCi engine isn’t just another supercharged, computer-controlled, 1000-plus-hp engine. It is the supercharged, computer-controlled, 1,000-hp engines that set the bar for how all such engines should behave. Mild at the docks and wild beyond them, the 1075SCi has a proven track record for reliability. And not all that long ago, “reliability” was a word you wouldn’t use in reference to any 1,000-plus-hp engine.

That’s why you see so many 1075SCi engines in big offshore boats from the likes of Skater, Cigarette, MTI and Outerlimits. At well over $100,000 the 1075SCi doesn’t come cheap—nor does its service. On the other hand, the 557-cubic-inch engine runs on 91-octane fuel, which compared to race fuel is cheap and abundant.

Thanks to the 1075SCi’s outstanding performance and durability, as well as features such as Mercury’s SmartCraft computer-control system and an extensive dealer network, the engine is far and away the most popular choice in its class. As it should be.