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Meet The Littlest Lilly

Yesterday’s late-afternoon announcement of the Miss GEICO team’s plans to run in two powerboat races sent me scrambling for more information. My first text was to talented offshore racer Brit Lilly, who will drive the 47-footer with throttleman Steve Curtis in the second race the Offshore At The Ozarks-Cat Edition on the Lake of Ozarks in Central Missouri. The last time I spoke to the owner of Lilly Sport Boats in Arnold, Md., he was more-than-a-little eager to get behind the wheel of the world’s most-recognizable raceboat.

A legacy family in offshore racing, the Lillys have a new team member.

But Lilly didn’t text me back, which was weird because he almost always does immediately. I was looking for his reaction to the news and I wanted to congratulate him. In the interest of full disclosure, I consider Lilly a friend.

He returned my text this morning. “Sorry, Matt, I was on baby duty,” he wrote. “I can’t wait to get behind the wheel again.”

Baby duty? Then I remembered. When I last interviewed Lilly in mid-July, he told me his wife, Amanda, were expecting a girl.

Meet Stella Rogue Lilly, born on August 14 to Amanda and Brit Lilly—one of the most amazing dudes in the sport and the son of offshore racing great, Art Lilly.

Said Britt Lilly, “We’re trying to teach her how hold up the No.1 finger.”

“She’s a beautiful little girl,” he wrote.

A picture appeared in our text string. Lilly was right. Stella Rogue Lilly is a beautiful little girl.

Lilly sent a caption with the image. “We’re trying to teach her how hold up the No. 1 finger.”

And why not? Given her family name, that’s a skill she’s going to need.

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