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Meet The Crypto Outerlimits SV 43

Ask any Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats fan what his or her favorite V-bottom sportboat model is and there’s an excellent chance you’ll hear about the SV 43. From its outrageously seductive lines to its outstanding performance, which included setting the current 180.465-mph V-bottom kilometer speed record in 2014, the 43-footer has been a winner since Mike Fiore, the owner and founder of the Bristol, R.I., company, designed and introduced it.

crypto 01C

A tribute to the man who designed it, the SV 43 Crypto sportboat is simply spectacular (click image to enlarge). All photos courtesy/copyright Halsey Fulton.

Although the SV 43 outlived its creator, every model built essentially remains a tribute to him. And the most recent example is Crypto, a canopied SV 43 that takes its name from the crypto currency world and was commissioned by loyal Outerlimits customer Patrick Higgins of Canada. But Higgins, who reportedly idolized Fiore, died this summer before he could see its completion.

Still, through the efforts of friends, the all-carbon-fiber Crypto boat, which is powered by twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, recently was finished—and is now for sale through Outerlimits—a few weeks ago.

“Patrick loved his last SV 43 so much but he wanted something even more special and unique this time,” said Dan Kleitz, Outerlimits’ general manager. “There are so many great details in this build. It has a one-off carbon-fiber dash with three Garmin GPS screens and a digital switch system as well as manual switches. There are five-point restraints for all the bucket seats, and the driver and copilot suspension buckets are mounted on billet brackets. The driver and copilot also have power billet footrests. The canopy has Tiger latches.

“Absolutely no expense was spared in this build of this boat,” he added. “It’s incredible.”

“Miles and miles of detail.”—Stephen Miles.

For painter Stephen Miles of Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky., the project was among his most complicated to date.

“It took us about 60 calendar days, meaning five guys working on it 10 to 12 hours on each of those days,” he said. “It’s basically different shades of gray, silver, black and white. All that binary code and chain graphics you see in the design on the deck and hullsides is done in different mixtures of fine pearls, coarse pearls, ice pearls and metallics. Other than the word ‘Crypto,’ about 90 percent of what you see on the boat is something I drew up one day and texted to the client.

“Once you get up close to it, there are miles and miles of detail to see,” he added. “You really have to see it in person to fully appreciate it. We also designed all the upholstery.”

Waves and Wheels did a great job executing Steve’s design for the interior,” Kleitz said. “It’s a combination of Alcantara and ultra-fabrics that are really soft, but really durable.”

Among the most compelling elements of the paintjob is a mural of Fiore on the underside of a stowage locker hatch.

“That was Pat’s idea,” Miles said. “Mike created the SV 43 and Pat knew him—and loved him and the boat. One of my best friends, Steve Ray, who only airbrushes, did the mural. It was really cool to be ‘the customer’ in that part of the project. When I went to pick it up and saw it, I got pretty emotional. Because of Mike Fiore, I have been given a wealth of opportunity. And I am so grateful for that.”

For a detailed look at the interior of Crypto check out the slideshow above.

In addition to painting the boat, Miles and his crew handled the graphics for its custom SportChassis hauler. That was a first for the Stephen Miles Design team.

“Dean Loucks has been doing it for forever and Mark Morris did it with the Lickity Split DCB M-35, but that was the first total package we’ve ever done,” he said.

crypto 27

Click image to enlarge.

Added Kleitz, “You really have to see it in person to appreciate it—the level of detail in this SV 43 is just incredible.”

Editor’s note: Look for a story with a detailed slideshow tomorrow on Crypto’s matching SportChassis Freightliner and MYCO Trailers hauling combination.

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