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Matching Set: Sunsation Building 29 CCX and 36 SSR for Same Customer

“Here’s some news for you,” Joe Schaldenbrand said as I made my second stop at the Sunsation Boats booth during the Miami International Boat Show several weeks ago. “We just sold a 29 CCX to one of our best customers, who happens to be building a 36 SSR at the same. That’s a first for Sunsation—nobody has ever had two boats going at the same time.”

sunsation 2936 lead

With identical paint designs on both boats—a 29 CCX and a 36 SSR—Sunsation customer Bill Harrison can’t wait to get his new rides.

Schaldenbrand—one of the well-respected brothers behind the Algonac, Mich., company—seemed genuinely shocked.

“I wasn’t even trying to sell him a boat either,” he continued. “Bill Harrison, a great customer of ours, was here at the show today and was looking at the 29 and asking some questions so I told him we could do one to match his 36 and he said OK, let’s do it. I couldn’t believe it.”

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