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Magnum Marine Introduces Reimagined 27-Footer

Best known for its commanding offshore V-bottom sportboats from 44 to 100 feet long, Miami-based Magnum Marine has long featured a single-engine 27-footer in its vaunted line. Now, thanks to Giovanni Theodoli, the son of the late Marchese Filippo Theodoli and his wife, Katrin—who still owns the company and remains active in it—the 27 Magnum has been updated and revived for an entirely new audience.

The company announced the news via social media early this morning.

The new Magnum 27 sportboat is an updated classic in all the right ways. Photos by Gary Stray courtesy Magnum Marine.

“It is the same classic, non-stepped 27 Magnum hull we’ve been building for many years, “ said Giovanni Theodoli. “We created an entirely new deck for it, but one that’s in keeping with the original looks and classic lines of the boat.”

Though its headquarters remain on Miami’s historic 188th Street, Magnum Marine is building the boats at a facility in Stuart, Fla., and the first model is equipped with a Mercury Racing 565 engine. For the boat’s interior, Theodoli opted to go without a cabin, though the stowage space under the deck is accessible through a deck hatch. Alcantara and Kool Touch vinyl are among the materials used in the five-seat cockpit. Additional amenities include a Simrad GPS unit and Mercury Marine VesselView monitor.

The first model is equipped with a Mercury Racing 565 engine.

Magnum Marine remains a custom boat company, which means options from exterior graphics to upholstery colors and materials are entirely up to the client.

“One of our major considerations was ‘How modern do we go?’” Theodoli said. “For example, when I did the GTMM 39, that boat had no rubrail and it was sexy. But we decided to keep the rubrail on the 27 Magnum and maintain its classic look.”

In the relatively near future,  Theodoli explained, the 27-footer will be offered in an outboard version. But some modifications will be required before that happens.

Check out the slideshow above to enjoy more images of the 27 Magnum.

“A lot people have already asked about that,” he said. “We’ll create a different deck for it as the deck we have for the 27 Magnum has scoops to feed air for the 565 engine. We don’t need scoops going to nowhere. The benefit about modifying the boat for outboards is you don’t need as much room for the engine compartment, so you can get more cockpit space.”

For the moment at least, Theodoli has plenty of interest in the current sterndrive version.

“It’s been nuts—I’ve already had six orders since putting it out there,” he said.

Said Theodoli, “We decided to keep the rubrail on the 27 Magnum and maintain its classic look.”