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Low-Profile Mystic C4400 Paintjob ‘Most Detailed To Date’ For Miles

With its custom low-profile deck, Chad Collier’s Mystic Powerboats C4400 catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 1350 engines is going to be a one-of-a-kind creation. In the handful of 44-footers built by John Cosker and his crew at the DeLand, Fla., luxury center console and high-performance catamaran company, it’s the only one with such sleek lines. So it’s no surprise that the cat is being dressed in a unique and elaborate paintjob by Stephen Miles Design in Owensboro, Ky.

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The paintwork on Collier’s unique Mystic C4400 catamaran is nearly complete. 

Collier, who organizes the annual Old Hickory Fun Run in Tennessee, and his wife, Heather, collaborated with Stephen Miles on the final version of the cat’s graphics. Miles and his crew have taken it from there.

“It’s a color combo we’ve never really done before, and I really like it,” said Miles. “It’s tough to do a boat with red, white and blue without it coming out looking like a ‘Captain America’ boat. We have this beautiful blue with an ice-blue pearl overlay that has a nice sparkle to it. There are lots of fades and cool little effects. It’s definitely going to be one of those boats that’s fun to walk around at the docks.”

Carbon fiber patterns in six stripes on the catamaran are a key element of its graphics package.

“I’ve seen a lot of carbon fiber effects before that I look a lot and are really cool, but they don’t look like carbon fiber,” said Miles. “I wanted to find a way to mimic carbon fiber little more realistically. I had hoped we could it in a day. It took three days to pull it off, but it was well worth it.”

For a closer look at the newest Mystic C4400 in the Stephen Miles Design paint shop, check out the slideshow above.

All that remains in the process, according to Miles, is a few more touch-ups followed b a second application of Clear Cote. Then the C4440 will be delivered to Mystic for engine installation and rigging, as well as interior installation.

“It definitely took longer than expected but I’m definitely pleased with that way it came out,” said Miles. “It’s by far my most detailed paintjob to date, and we only get one chance to do right.”

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