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Long Live Speedboat


The last consumer magazine standing in the high-performance powerboat market still has a good thing going.

Before Powerboat magazine kicked the bucket, Performance Boats magazine was its archrival. Before Performance Boats magazine became Performance Boats magazine, it was called Hot Boat magazine—and it was still Powerboat magazine’s archrival. Now, Performance Boats magazine is called Speedboat magazine and it has no rivals.

That’s nothing against Boating magazine—I have plenty of good friends who work there on the editorial side and their work is excellent. But Boating is a general publication for people who dig everyday boats, not folks who live and breathe high-performance. It’s also no slight toward Poker Runs America’s magazine or the Florida Powerboat Club’s Powerboating in Paradise magazine. Hats off to both outfits as they do a nice job, but those are—for the most part—club-specific publications.

Even Speed On The Water’s bi-monthly digital magazine and 2016 Year In Review (order yours now if you haven’t already by clicking here) in which I have an extremely vested interest are not the same things—one being digital and the other being annual—as a consumer magazine that prints and distributes 11 times a year. Don’t get me wrong, I think our daily news site, weekly digital newsletter, digital magazine and Year In Review print publications are first-rate products. But when it comes to something new you can hold in your hand and flip through almost every month, Speedboat is all that remains.

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