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Livorsi LED Beverage Holders Create Instant Bling

Livorsi LED beverage holderLivorsi LED beverage holder

Tell me that looks don’t matter in a high-performance boat and I’ll tell you that, frankly, you’re high. How else do you explain things like $60,000 paint jobs on go-fast boats, as well as on the trucks and trailers that pull them down the road?

For those performance-boat owners who are a little shy of five figures for a paint job come LED Beverage Holders from Livorsi Marine. For $26 per unit, you can swap out your boat’s existing 3-1/2”-cutout cupholders for Livorsi LED cupholders.

Here’s the thing about LEDs: They don’t generate heat, meaning they won’t warm up your beverage. And as we all know, that’s critical. Equally critical is that the blue, green and red LEDs available in the beverage holders can be color-matched to the LEDs in your Livorsi gauges.

According to the press release, the holders are available with a 12-inch wiring harness to hook up to a boat’s electrical system. Each holder has a stainless-steel rim and a removable rubber insert for insulation.

If you’re like a lot of folks, you don’t run at night. You do however, use your boat as a dockside social platform after dark. So the Livorsi LED Beverage Holders actually do offer real-world function as well as form—even when you’re not underway.