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Livorsi Marine Introduces Patent-Pending Multi-Stepped Trim Tabs

As Livorsi Marine explains in its latest product release, stepped-bottom hulls, which have been around for decades, have proven that a stepped-hull design increases speed, reduces drag and improves overall efficiency. So it makes sense that the same dynamics would apply to trim tabs, which is what led to the new patent-pending Livorsi Marine 1150 trim tabs.

livorsi step tabs

With a new patent-pending stepped design, Livorsi Marine’s trim tabs can help aerate the water below the trim tab surface. Click the link to download a pdf of the company’s two-page information sheet

While standard, non-stepped tab designs can stick to the water and negatively affect speed, performance and efficiency, the new Livorsi multi-stepped tabs introduce air via a number of different grooves, channels and steps, reducing that stickiness and making the tab more efficient (check out the quick video to the right). According to Livorsi Marine founder Mike Livorsi and John Wendt, Livorsi Marine’s vice president and general manager, the new tabs perform flawlessly in all sea conditions and can even make your boat more fuel-efficient compared to a non-stepped tab.

For performance-based applications, the stepped design allows the tabs, which are available in four stepped running plate styles (pointed, fish tail, rounded and square), to release from and re-enter the water stream faster. Wendt said the increased aeration of the tab surface reduces drag and increases efficiency while providing increased fuel economy and performance. He also said that the stepped tabs were designed so they can be retrofit onto Livorsi’s smaller 12-inch-wide transom plates or the standard 14-inch-wide Mercury transom plates.

Built for boats between 20 and 60 feet, the running plates are easily interchangeable between the 750, 850, 950, 1050 and 1150 versions, allowing quick determination of the “right” running plate for the boat being designed or retrofitted. For more information, check out the Livorsi Marine website, or, if you happen to be at the Miami International Boat Show this week, you can visit Livorsi and the rest of the team at booth #E343.

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